• The weapon as shown in the game loading screen.
  • The Needler in the Halo franchise!
  • The weapon shoots a magenta beam.
  • Closer look at the Yeti holding the weapon.
  • Being killed by The Yeti with the weapon.
  • The Grand Prize, when won
  • Dark Matter Gun in the menu.
  • The Dark Matter Gun as seen in-game.
  • Reloading the weapon

The Dark Matter Gun is one of the weapons that was introduced in the Superstars (Update) and is available as the final tier prize for completing its event.


Run And Gun: This weapon is made for this strategy, as it has great Agility. Since this weapon has a LOT of ammo, its okay if you miss your shots; run around the map, killing enemies as you go, but beware if your enemies are using Shotguns or any potential one-shot kill weapons, because they would kill you easily. If possible, dodge your enemies' bullets with the Circle around tactic and strafe. Also, the reload time of this weapon is very long, so be sure to find a good spot to hide behind walls when reloading.

Camping: This weapon also has good Range, so camping could also be a potentially good idea. Simply put, stand in a spot, killing everything that can be killed, but again, beware of one shot kill weapons, as they can find your camping spot, and simply kill you easily. Exercise special caution when attempting to kill enemies at long range, due to its poor accuracy.

Ambush: This weapon can kill relatively quickly, so ambushing the enemies while they're unprepared can be a good idea. Hide behind walls, 90° turns and hidden spots where your enemy can't see you. Once your enemy approaches, start shooting, and don't stop until your enemy is killed. DO NOT use this strategy against explosives, as they have splash damage.



  • Extremely high damage at close range
  • Very large capacity (60)
  • Fast firing speed
  • Can be buffed by Energy buffing Armors
  • Long effective Range


  • Horrible Accuracy, especially apparent at long ranges
  • Can be nerfed by Energy nerfing Armors
  • Slow reload speed

Trivia Edit

  • This weapon "prowess" was shown early in the same update, being used by one of the new bots, The Yeti, thus many players' "early" speculation that this weapon is going to be a good weapon.
  • At a closer look, it has very similar appearance and projectile color as compared to the Needler in the Halo franchise (pic as shown above)!
  • Despite it appearance, this gun is NOT a Handgun!
  • This weapon projectiles leave a dark, red glowing-hole when hit. The hole stays for a short time with red electric sparks animation.
  • This weapon shares the same preview animation with MIB Noisy Cricket, Fire Spitter, Pocket Pistol and Atarot Handgun.
  • When reloading this weapon, a cricket chirp can be heard!

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