Having trouble with your Cold Beam Rifle? Hard to use? Don't know how to make the best out of it? Fear not! This Guide will help giving some tips and tricks to use this powerful weapon.

Cold Beam Rifle

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The Cold Beam Rifle is a five-shot, semi-automatic weapon that was part of the Classic Santa's Gear Bundle (the "green" Santa), which was available for a limited time during the Holiday Update of 2014. It has good damage, moderate range, excellent accuracy and good agility.

For more information, you may check it here.


Run And Gun is the best tactic for this weapon. Circle around your opponent while firing. Strafing from side to side is also effective, and at times can take out more than one opponent. Enemies who are standing still from a long range can also be dispatched with a full clip. Backing up while firing at an advancing player is also a good tactic. Playing with this weapon like one would with Revolver is a good way to utilize the rifle to its full advantage.

Keep in mind: Don't expect this to be an "energy" weapon as it does not slow down opponents, it just hits them with shells like any other bullet-based weapon.

What to Wear/Use


As this weapon is mainly all about offensive mode and mid close range fight, agility boosting gear is the best option. It is good to add a health boosting gear, preferably not too much, and only equip the amount you need.

Best gear for this weapon will be two agility gears, and one health gear. It is even better if each of them have special perks with it.


Medikit is effective for a long fight, for you to survive every damage you receive. Spotter is very useful when you are running around the map, enabling you to locate every single opponent in the map, which gives you chance to take them out before they can even do anything. Stun Grenade is quite useful if you don't like troublesome fight.

Stealth will make you a dangerous threat in the game, which most of the players will have a very difficult time to fight back or just to locate you. Immunity Shield is great to protect you from others, for 5 seconds. Although, the last two are expensive as they cost Gold.

Against Others

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Shotguns - Back up when they are running towards you. If they got too close, strafe. If they got to your, your only chance is to strafe and Circle around them. Do these while shooting, of course.

Automatic Weapons - When you are approaching them, do not run straight towards them. As these weapons have great accuracy, strafing right and left won't really help. Take some cover before engaging them, and you may start shooting from afar if they are camping.

Explosive Wepons - While these weapons pose threat, they can be overcome if you do it right! If you have the Anti-Explosive Pack, you may use them. If not, take some cover, do not charge towards them directly and best to attack them at close range, even better: ambush. If the user is camping, you can easily take him out from a distance. Although, there is a chance he will dodge the next shot. 

Snipers - Against these weapons, you just need to take cover and never charge them head on. Strafe while shooting. At a long range, you have to be extra careful as they can easily headshot you if they happened to be professionals, or you happened to be standing still. Please take cover. If the user is camping and exposes himself, you can shoot at him, when he is not paying attention to you.

Revolver - Strafe a lot while shooting. Circle them at short ranged combat. Again, do not run towards them. They may be strafing too, so get close to them and Circle around them as this gives you a better chance to win.

Flare Gun - This weapon is quite challenging to counter as it is highly dangerous at short ranged combat. Usually, the user will come towards you. While he is doing so, strafe and go back while shooting at him. Never stop moving. If ever got caught in a close ranged combat, Circle around the user while shooting, even though the chance is not that high.

Advantages and Disadvantages


IMG 0969
  • Bullets go through players making it possible to get collaterals (using 1 bullet to kill multiple players).
  • Cold Beam Rifle players are extremely rare to find. Even Flare Gun is more popular.
  • Very good damage.
  • Moderate ranged.
  • Good accuracy.
  • Default agility is quite impressive.
  • Fast Reload.


  • Bullets can be slow at long range.
  • Small amount of ammo.

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