Has someone got the Cold Beam Rifle and is beating you up like a toy? Fear not now! This page will tell you how to conquer this ice wave blaster.

What is the Cold Beam Rifle?

Cold Beam Rifle

Instead of an energy-based weapon, it is more like an ice wave blaster. This weapon was introduced during the Holiday Update (2014). It has 5 ammos, each of them is a transparent blue eccentric circles that can go pass through a player's body, makin it possible for multiple kills. However, this fine weapon can only be purchased through the Classic Santa's Gear bundle.

Learn more about it here.

What to Do

  • Move a lot, best randomly.
  • Strafe a lot if you are in front of one.
  • Try to avoid close ranged combat.
  • Ambush the user.
  • Circle around the user if got into a close ranged combat. Be very careful while doing so.
    Cold Beam Rifle Picture

What NOT to Do

  • Straight towards the user.
  • Standing still, or camping.
  • Standing behind the recent victim of this weapon. The bullets can pass through players' bodies!

What to Wear

Head: Anything that boosts at least 5% agility

Body: Anything that boosts at least 5% agility

Legs: Anything that boosts at least 5% agility


What Weapons to Use

Close Range: any of the Shotguns

Medium Range: Revolver

Long Range:  any sniper, Howitzer Gun

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