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This is the page where you learn how to counter any player using the Chemrail. This may seem like an overpowered long range weapon some times, but after you read this, it won't be too overpowered!

What is the Chemrail?

The Chemrail is a weapon that cost $19.99 Dollar1 and $29.99 Dollar1 if you want to buy the bundle. It is similar to the Guitar Machine Gun but fires blue bullets and statistically better the guitar machine gun. It is an automatic rifle. 

Learn more about it here.

What to Do

Chemrail image
  • Fight in closer ranges.
  • Sneak on him and shoot his back.
  • Use high power guns.
  • When using other automatics, try to move around as much as possible, while taking covers.
  • Use Howitzer and blast him from afar.
  • Snipe him.
  • Strafe around while shooting him.
  • Take cover.
  • Use Medikit to gain back all your health

What NOT to Do

Chemrail image
  • Stand in an open place.
  • Engage him at long range with a short ranged weapon.
  • Charge directly at him at medium-long ranges.
  • Stand still. Main cause of death.
  • Fight while injured.

What to Wear

Head: Any Headwear specializing in Health

Body:  Any Body with Agility or Health

Legs:  Any Leg piece with stats, preferably Agility

What Weapons to Use

Close Range: Any Shotguns, Blunderbuss

Medium Range: Revolver, Guitar Machine Gun, Scoped Assault Rifle, Siege Cannon

Long Range: Howitzer Gun, Any sniper rifle

Respawnables - Chemrail01:02

Respawnables - Chemrail

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