Chemrail bullets

Chemrail bullets much like dual energy pistol and plasma shotgun

The Chemrail is an Automatic Weapon that costs $14.99 Dollar1 with the Exosuit or $9.99 Dollar1 on its own. This is an Elysium weapon.

Chemrail cutted


Here's a detailed page about the Chemrail.


This weapon is very similar to the Guitar Machine Gun, but with higher damage per bullet and a slower rate of fire.

The best tactic to use with this gun is to find a high spot and shoot, use it as a mobile Sniper. When charging at opponents, move left-right repeatedly.

Use this weapon's high range to an advantage, mow down guys from afar,

The best Clothing to use is depending on your playstyle, it can range from Health, Agility, and even a Hybrid.

Vs Other WeaponsEdit

Other Machine Guns: The Chemrail has better range and damage compared to other MGs. So just outdamage them. There are a few MGs that deals more damage than the Chemrail, such as the EAR and the Siege Cannon. So try to outrange them or shoot first.

Noisy Cricket and Flare Gun: Move left-right to dodge, but DO NOT get close to them. Ever. Always be sure to strafe.

Explosives: Shoot them at sight, don't hesitate. Get covers when you need to and can do so. Attack them at a safe distance.

Shotguns and Blunderbuss: Back up and fight only at long range.

Revolver: Stafe around, don't let him hit you, also, outrange him.

Dos and Don'tsEdit


  • Move in a zig zag pattern when shooting
  • Approach enemies while taking cover
  • Avoid close range contact with Shotguns
  • Flank around your enemies
  • Reload after 2-3 Kills


  • Rush enemies that have Shotguns
  • Stand Still when confronted by a Sniper
  • Reload too often
  • Forget to reload



  • High Damage.
  • Long Range.
  • Great Accuracy.
  • High Clip Size.
  • Fast rate of fire (10 RPS).


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