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Carnival City1

Balcony view of Carnival City

The Carnaval Update was released on 5 February, 2015, and seems the whole update had an ancient warrior theme. The buyable pack/bundle seemed to reduce 60% damage from revolver weapons (Revolver and the Dual Revolvers), as well as the Blunderbuss. This bundle also included Dual Rookie Machine Guns with a new skin: Brazilian flag themed skin.

New Features


The Dual Rookie Machine Guns were given a new skin. This skin was only obtainable by buying the Warrior Bundle which is now removed from the shop after the next update. The Dual Rookies now are green and yellow coloured from the one half. It also has a white star in the center


  • The Brazillian Warrior Gear Bundle
  • The Brazillian Warrior Gear Pack
  • The Brazillian Warrior Gear Head
  • The Brazillian Warrior Gear Body
  • The Brazillian Warrior Gear Legs
  • The Brazil Warrior Gear Dual Rookie Machine Guns



This update also brings about an update to Eastside district, painting the map in bright colors to match the Brazilian color scheme. To get more information, look here


  • This update is currently the first update to introduce the skin of an Event Weapon - The Dual Rookie Machine Guns , second being the Easter Holiday Update (2015), which brought back the famous Hunter Rifle, with a new skin.
  • The update brought back 2 Brazilian football shirts. (Yellow and Green)
  • It was supposed to be an event, but was cancelled at the last moment.
  • The Warrior gear received very mixed critics, some raging and calling it "The Worst Move By Digital Legends", and others calling it an excellent move to promote the other weapons in the game.

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