• If the bow does not charge enough, the arrow will just "break" after the shot!
  • The piercing ability to kill the enemy behind Whiplash!
  • "Reloading" the bow from the quiver!
  • Drawing the arrow from the quiver (reload animations)!

The Bow is a weapon added during the Archery Tournament (Update). It can be obtained by paying 20 GoldIcon or playing Tier 1 of first trial of the event.


Use the Run And Gun technique because it has excellent agility. It is a silent weapon so you can surprise your enemies. Its arrow tends to dip down even after fully charged. When your enemy moves sideways from your crosshair then its highly possible to miss that shot. So it's recommended to use it for close to mid range for best results.

While Camping is not recommended because of its arrow does not cover a good range and it is most likely you will miss a shot.

Weapon Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Good Damage.
  • As it is silent, it can be used to 'surprise' enemies.
  • Excellent Agility.
  • Great Accuracy.
  • Auto aim is present.
  • Fast arrow travelling speed when bow charged to medium.
  • Fast Reload.
  • Can pierce through up to 2 targets.
  • Can be buffed by Parcher Shoulder Pad.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Needs to be charged to be fired to a long distance.
  • Needs constant reloading.
  • Limited Range.
  • Difficult to hit moving targets.
  • In homage to traditional bows, the arrow dips at longer ranges.
  • Takes 2 shots to kill enemies with 30% Health (including the Health perks) and up to 3 shots if the opponent has the Knight's Cuirass equipped.
  • Missing a shot can be very punishing if the enemy is alerted of your presence.

Trivia Edit

  • It shares the "charging" feature with other bows, the Big Kaboom, and the Charged Stun Rifle.
  • When the arrow hits the ground, it breaks in half.
  • It's the cheapest Gold weapon in the game.
  • There is a glitch in the game where the weapon's level prerequisites become level 50 when offline, but none when online.
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