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This is a weapon and killing mission that requires you to kill 100 enemies in mission mode using the bazooka.


"Kill 100 enemies using the Bazooka."


  • 400 Cash icon
  • 750 Exp Points


  • If you have any of the Anti-Explosive Pack, equip it. Preferably, the whole pack.
    • If not, just use your best gear (like 10% agility and 5% health and others).
  • Pick up a medium sized map. It doesn't have to be an open one ( Sandtown is recommended ).
  • Start shooting at mid range, and aim for the feet.
  • Use gadgets, but not the overpowered ones.
    • Hand Grenades will damage your enemy (or kill them on direct explosion, so be careful).
    • Spotter will be a great help on locating your targets and gives you an opportunity to shoot before your target can do anything (tactical heads on ambush) or gives you opportunity to do a long range kill.
    • Stun Grenade will save you from any trouble.

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