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This page will tell you about the Blunderbuss and how to use it. Hopefully it will help you whenever you are using it!

What is the Blunderbuss?

The Blunderbuss is a powerful Handgun with high Damage and agility but poor Range and Accuracy. It is a single shot weapon which can be used to wipe out enemies with ease in small and compact maps.


Despite requiring close range and allowing enemies to catch sight of you and open fire, it is regarded as the most valuable GoldIcon weapon due to its outstanding efficiency and improvements from its counterpart, the Shotgun. The price tag may seem a bit costly, but is considered one of the best weapons you can ever own in the game.

Run And Gun

This weapon is only powerful in close range, so it is advised to use the Run And Gun strategy. Always head straight for your enemy without your enemies knowledge to get an easy kill. If the enemy has some powerful mid-range weapon such as the Revolver, strafe left and right so that your enemy misses you.


Easy. Since this weapon is capable of killing players in a very short time, this technique can work very well. Hide behind corners, 90 degree turns, walls etc. and wait for your opponents to get closer and as soon as they get in your range, take them out by surprise. Use Spotter if needed and watch out for opponents around, they can easily find out where you are and perform counter attack.

Vs Other Weapons

  • Other Shotguns: When up with Shotguns, use your mobility as an advantage, surprise them by hiding in corners or strafe around them.
  • Flare Gun: Shoot them when they're in Range. Flare Gun is one of the most dangerous enemies a Blunderbuss can face, kill them before they realize what's happening.
  • Revolver: Simply get closer to them. At longer ranges, take lots and lots of cover.
  • Explosives: Stay out of their line of sight, don't let them spot you, sneak up on them and BAM! There's your kill.
  • Battle Ram and Snipers: Stay out of their line of sight, flank their position, once you're close kill em accurately.
  • Machine Guns: Strafe around and take lots of cover when facing them. Strike at the right moment

 What to Wear/Use


Close Quarters Oants

If You See A Player Wearing This, You Will Need 4 Shots To Kill Him. So Get Him From Behind!

While using this weapon, use your best Agility boosting gear for the best outcome! Health boosting clothes is a must because this weapon requires you to get as close to the enemy as possible, which might make your health drop out drastically.

If possible, wear Anti-Explosive Pack armors against explosive weapons users or wear Close Quarters Pack armors if there are many Shotgun users.

Suggestion: 1 part of the highest Agility boosting gear, 2 parts for Health.


From the most recommended to the least.

Medikit is very useful gadget if you wish to last very long in battlefield. Spotter is very useful when you are camping, able to know the location of every hiding enemies and anyone who is coming towards you. Stun Grenade useful against any other weapon, especially high leveled opponents.
Brazilian Warrior Pants

Part Of The Brazilian Warrior Gear And Has Same Effect As Close Quarters Pants. Be Careful!

Stealth will make you the most fearsome and dangerous camper in the match. Immunity Shield provides full protection against all other weapons for a a very short time, 5 seconds. Although, these last two are expensive as they cost Gold.

Weapon Analysis



Old Design Of Blunderbuss.

  • Very good Damage.
  • Really good at close-range combat.
  • Fast gun, both for fire rate and Agility.
  • Very fast reload
  • Inexpensive gold weapon (only 85 )


Dos and Don't's


  • Wear at least one armor that provides Agility.
  • Due to it's light weight, your Agility increases. Use this to your advantage.
  • Strafe right-left-right-left when running towards an opponent.
  • Shoot both the bullets everytime you fire.
  • Shoot only when your opponent is in the Range.
  • It has only two bullets so if your fired only one bullet and forgot to fire the other one then instead of tapping the reload button, just fire the remaining bullet and you'll reload automatically. This saves time and it's more convenient.
  • Perform surprise attacks whenever possible.
  • Circle around your opponent if you missed the shot. When circling, make sure you don't pass in front of your opponent as that will give them a chance to shoot you.
  • If someone is shooting at you from a distance, take cover behind the nearest object.
  • If you see an opponent who is unaware of your location, approach him from behind and take him by surprise.
  • Use corners to take enemies by surprise (Westside District is the best place for this)


  • Don't wear armors that provide only Health or only Accuracy as this weapon goes best with Agility boosting armors.
  • Dont run straight towards an opponent. This makes you an easy target.
  • Don't shoot at a player at mid range.
  • Don't fire until the crosshair turns red and you get close enough to your opponent.
  • Don't go in open places. This will make you an easy target for snipers and other players with long range weapons.
  • Don't stay in one place for too long.
  • Don't shoot to just injure your opponent (unless he's on low Health).
  • Don't ever back away from your opponent while firing.

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