In the Team Versus category, the main premise involves helping your allies collect the most medals to win. There are three main factors to determine the success: team composition, overall skill(s) and effectiveness of carrying out/using this tactic.

A team must be balanced (ie. have players with long ranged weapons and short ranged weapons). But they must also be effective (avoid dying, and come equipped with decent weapons/armors).

A good team usually consists of people with either of these types: explosives, Scoped Weapons(snipers and such), a revolver and a person armed with a shotgun.

One of the best ways to win any team fight is by backing up each other. Backup is comprised of teammates helping each other survive. A good team composition will have at least one person with a sniper or howitzer to provide cover from a safe vantage point (or from the highest ground of a match). While sitting back, the player can help their team by keeping them alive as well as achieve many kills. On the front lines, weapons like blunderbuss or revolver should be used so the players can kill quickly as well as move around faster.

Pros And Cons

Download (2k

Teamwork is key.


  • Players stay alive longer and therefore can get more medals.
  • A well-built team can control the traffic of the battlefield.


  • If you don't have any friends or are not able to talk to people, doing this tactic is close to impossible.
  • If the group is too close, they can all be wiped out by Explosives.

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