Just got the Automatic Shotgun? Having a hard time to use it? Always got killed instead of more killing? Fret not! This page will tell you how to use this weapon effectively.

What is an Automatic Shotgun?

Automatic Shotgun Cutte

Automatic Shotgun is a Shotgun introduced during the Road To Glory Event. It has 7 ammo, like how it was mentioned in its name, it shoots all its bullets like how an automatic weapon does, but with more power! It was obtainable for free at tier 13 of the Event. Later, it was brought back through the Shock Force Kit bundle at the cost of $11.99 Dollar1 during the Salute Our Troops (Update).

For more information, check it here.

How to use this weapon?


This weapon is a rapid shooting Shotgun without the need to pump up for each shot. The reloading time is quite short too. As a Shotgun, this weapon is very effective at a close range combat, and has a bad effective range compared to other weapons, and moderate range among its siblings. At a very close range combat, this weapon is capable of taking out the most tank player.

So, the two best strategies using this weapon are Run And Gun and Ambush. When you encounter your opponent, once they are in your effective range, start shooting. Hold your finger on the Fire Button. Or if your opponent is running towards you, just stand still or strafe right and left or back away, while shooting at them (best against the shotguns). When you are at a close ranged combat, circle around your opponent while shooting at them like how Snake Predator do. Against other high damage weapons, it is recommended to take some covers, or to ambush them, or simply stun them.

This weapon is great at a closed and small map like Sandtown, for close ranged combat. However, a huge and opened place like Royal Garden isn't suitable for it. This is due to the fact that, this weapon have a really bad effective range. Don't forget about other long ranged weapons that can easily outpowered this weapon at its range.

Clothing and Gadget

If you want to achieve its highest potential, use your best Agility boosting gears. If you want to be safe, Health boosting gears might be handy. If you have the S.F. Headset, equip it too for an extra 50% damage! Or, just simply equip the whole bundle as you will also get the 12% Health boost (plus 15% protection from explosions) and 10% Agility boost (5% default Agility boost and 5% more when a Shotgun is equipped).

As you will run all across the map, you may want to use a Gadgets. Spotter will show you the location of each players in the match, thus giving you chance to shoot someone before you've seen them, and avoid yourself from ambushes. Medikit is quite effective if you want to survive longer in the match. Stun Grenade is useful for an easier kill.

Immunity Shield gives full protection for you, for only 5 seconds. Stealth, however is the best gadget you can ever use for this weapon as you can ambush others very easily (unless they use Spotter) without them noticing you, not to mention they will have a hard time to shoot their weapons at you (unless they use an explosive).

Against other weapons?

Automatic Shotgun

The best!

In general, you will engage a close range combat against other weapons. This section will tell you how to get close to them and how to counter them.

Other Shotguns - If they are not moving, shoot while running towards them. If they are running towards you, you can either start shooting when they are closer and are in your effective range (while standing still or backing away), or you can strafe to dodge their shots while shooting towards them. If both of you are at a close range, circle around while shooting, and try to stay at their back.

Automatic Weapons - You will need a lot of cover when approaching them. Go around the map if you need to. You can always use gadgets to survive the damages or to protect yourself from harm. Please note that you must never ever run towards them directly nor in a straight line. If you do so, your resistance is futile.

Explosives - You will need a lot of covers to get near them. Strafing can only help you decrease the damage you received from the explosion blast, and sometimes doesn't really help. Take the other road to get near them. Once they are in your effective range, don't hesitate to start shooting.

Snipers - They should not be a problem unless they are very professional with it. Just keep moving and take some cover. Never run straight towards them. Strafing and circling around them is super effective!

Blunderbuss - When encountering a Blunderbuss player, there are two options to do. If the Blunderbuss user is running toward you back up and fire as soon as the crosshairs turn red. If the Blunderbuss user is not coming towards you, run forward and shoot as soon as the cross hairs turn red.

Double Barrel Shotgun - When encountering a Double Barrel Shotgun user, move left to right while running toward them. Do not be afraid of missing, since the Automatic Shotgun's pellets are wide spread. Another good strategy as demonstrated by iChase is to utilize the Spotter and to shoot someone before you've seen them.

Revolver - Against this weapon, you will need to take some cover as each shot inflicts high damage. When you are close to them, start shooting. Circle around and strafe around them while shooting. Never run towards them directly, as this weapon is infamous for doing headshots to those who ran directly towards them.

Flare Gun - Even though both of these weapons are excel in close range combat, this weapon has the upper hand. This weapon only requires 1 shot to kill, while the Automatic Shotgun usually requires 2 to 4 shots to kill a player. It is best to ambush them. Against them heads on, is VERY risky. Strafe and circling around might help, although the chance varies depends on both users. It is recommended to stun them first.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Quite powerful (extremely dangerous when S.F. Headset is equipped)
  • Good fire rate.
  • Quick reload speed.
  • Can run fairly fast when equipping this weapon
  • Almost can always take out other close ranged weapons


  • Small ammo capacity (7 rounds).
  • Inaccurate (big crosshair)
  • Has a bad Range, inflicting weak Damage towards players at mid range.

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