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Respawnables - Automatic Shotgun

The Automatic Shotgun is an event weapon that is able to tear people apart at close range. But what makes this different to other shotguns and the Blunderbuss is that it has multiple rounds in a clip along with a high fire rate. Therefore countering against this weapon can be difficult. But as always, there are certain aspects if this weapon that players can exploit to stay alive. 

What is the Automatic Shotgun?

The Automatic Shotgun is a weapon that is only limited in the Road To Glory event. To obtain it, it requires you to be on the winning team 20 times in Team vs. It is a shotgun that has the firing rate of an Assault Rifle. It has 7 bullets in its clip.

Learn more about it here.

What to Do

Automatic Shotgun
  • Stagger left and right to avoid the shots when rushing up to someone with the weapon. Take its wide spread into account.
  • Use the Medikit so that full health is restored in a fight.
  • Use long range or Explosive  weapons and stay at long range to counter the short range of the Automatic Shotgun.
  • Circle around him till his ammo runs out, then shoot him. Note: This tactic is best for players with 7+ Agility.
  • Move randomly, anywhere but try to STAY in a position where you can see your target and keep shooting at your enemy until the bullets run out.
  • If you are faster than the Automatic Shotgun user and have a close range weapon, try to bait them into firing their whole clip by running at them and turning around, but as soon as they shoot you, return to kill them.
  • Stun him by using Stun Grenade or Energy Grenade, but try to sneak behind him or hide before stunning him.
  • Back away from him.

What NOT to Do

  • Do not run straight at him, as the Automatic Shotgun will take you out quickly.
  • Do not try to ambush the player, as if they're using Spotter, they'll be able to see everyone on the map.
  • Do not engage him in close proximity.
  • Don't charge at him if he spots you.
  • Don't hide in corners, as he can easily rain bullets on you and you won't be capable of escaping.

What to Wear

Automatic Shotgun Cutte

Head: Any Head Armor which has your maximum Agility or the Leprechaun's Hat.

Body: Any Body Armor which has your maximum Agility.

Legs: Any Legs Armor which has your maximum Agility or the Biker Pants.

What Weapons to Use

Close Range: Double Barrel ShotgunBlunderbuss.

Medium Range: Revolver.

Long Range: Howitzer.

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