This page will tell you about the classic Assault Rifle and how to use it. Hopefully it will help you whenever you are using it!

Brief Introduction about weapon

Assault Rifle Cutted2

For new players, after the Rookie Machine Gun, this weapon is unlockable at level 2. It costs the player only 500 Cash icon to purchase it. It deals higher damage compared to the Rookie Machine Gun, and provides better range and accuracy but at a slower agility. This weapon is also used by two bots: Vicenzo Caesar and Raptor Blaze.

For a detailed information, you may check it here.


Run And Gun

Run across the map, and shoot everything that can be shot, especially bots or other players! Due to its sluggish rate of firing, it is suggestable to keep your range from your target. When you are finished with your previous victim, scout the map a little bit for your next target. Once you locked your sight upon your target, start shooting. If the target is higher in term of level, back off while shooting at them or side strafe. It is advisable to take some cover when you're engaging high power weapons.


Pick your spot, preferably a high spot with some covers for you, located at the highest point of the map. As this weapon has a fairly long range, you may start shooting once the crosshair is red, start shooting. If you got shot too, back off and take cover. It is suggested to keep moving even at your spot of camping.

Bhuyjik image

The Assault Rifle in the shop

What to Wear/Use


It is best to wear anything that gives the best agility boost to you. For starters, "Bullseye" T-Shirt, Mohawk and Scout gives the best agility boost. However, by the time you unlocked these gears, you will already unlocked better weapons to use. 


For starters, gadgets can be tough to use. Although if you practiced long enough, you can use it in a match. Hand Grenades can be useful to reduce your opponent's health. Other gadgets are good too, but once you unlocked them, you are able to buy a better weapon to replace your current weapon (Assault Rifle).

Against Others

Shotguns - Against them, it is very hard you to counter them as even the Shotgun, the weakest of them all is able to take you out easily at close range. Keep your distance from them. If they ever got closer to you, it is likely a victory for them but not for you. If you get into close quarters with a Shotgun, Circle Around them or back up.

Automatic Weapons - This can be troublesome as this weapon is outpowered by most of the weapons in the game, including this kind of weapons. You must be the first one to shoot, the one that takes covers a lot and the one that ambushes these weapons' users, another thing is to play stealthy when against other Automatics. Otherwise, you are done for. Some of them can be overcomed by range.

Explosive Weapons - These weapons are extremely dangerous. Once they are fired, take cover. Do not get close to these weapons. Shoot from a long distance from them. Strafe while shooting.

Snipers - They can be overcome easily if done right. You must not run towards them without strafing a lot and taking cover. Do not rush as these weapons are powerful enough to do massive damage to you. Attack them from their side or behind, but not their front.

Revolver - The possibility to win against this weapon is kind of odd and rare. Keep your distance, take cover against them. Strafe a lot while shooting, too.

Flare Gun - When you see this weapon, avoid them. If you ever wanted to attack these users, do it at a long distance and attack them when they do not pay attention towards you. If they are approaching you, strafe a lot while shooting and pray that the user is new enough to be outpowered by your weapon (Assault Rifle).

Dos and Don'ts

Raptor Blaze1

Raptor Blaze in a fight


  • Attack your opponent at a long range.
  • Strafe while shooting.
  • Take some cover.


  • Run towards your enemy as if your weapon is way better than his.
  • Stay standing still.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The Assault Rifle, has great range.
  • Decent ammo capacity of 28 rounds, but it can be upgraded to 42 rounds with + Ammo in machine guns.
  • Great accuracy.
  • Very cheap.
  • It has a very fast reloading speed.


  • The Assault Rifle's rate of fire is slightly slower than the rate of fire of any other automatic weapon.
  • Does not deal a lot of damage overall due to its rate of fire and low damage.
  • Slightly inaccurate when moving.

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