The Archery Tournament (Update) is an update that went live on 2nd of June.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 12.13.37 pm

New Features Edit

Event Edit

Weapons Edit

Armors Edit

Bundles Edit

Returning Features Edit

Bundles Edit

Weapons Edit

New Changes Edit

  • The font type for items in the shop has been changed.
  • Players now can check their event progression in the pause menu!
  • The Big Kaboom has its charged-up aura colour changed back to the original, and it now has projectiles.

Update Descriptions Edit

Come now, hear a story,

of a man born for glory.

An archer, this man,

whose arrows soared fast through the land.

He had three bows – what fun –

for energy, bombs, and explosions.

But he had one he loved best,

a normal bow, just like the rest,

and he used it to test, his skills in great contests.

One day something brand new appeared,

a bow that moved him to tears –

with it came many greats offers

sure to help fill the coffers.

Come now, tell me, my kin –

Would you be just like him?


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