Make your enemies waste their grenades and explosive weapons while you blow them up with Ultra Grenades.
— Game Descriptions.
Anti-Explosive Pack View
The Anti-Explosive Pack is a new bundle which costs $9.99 Dollar1 that was introduced in the Grenade Fest Update on May 28th, 2014 (due to technical issues most users may have got the update on the 29th).
  • This Suit Not Only Has 30% Health, But Also Reduces 60% Damage From ANY Explosion!
  • The Anti Explosive Pack Equipped. (No Flare Gun Included!)
  • The Bundle Came With The Full Set Of Anti Explosive Armor, And 75 Ultra Grenades
  • Anti-Explosive Suit Ingame. (No Thumper Included!)
  • "Hit Further And Harder With The Incredibly Powerful Ultra Grenade."


The Anti-Explosive Pack includes the whole Anti-Explosive clothes set and 75 Ultra Grenade. Each piece of equipment in the bundle provides a 10% Health boost along with a bonus 20% resistance to Explosives. In total, equipping the full set will provide 30% Health as well as 60% Explosive resistance. This can be used in conjunction with Explosive resisting Skills, which can provide up to 80% resistance to explosives in total. This makes explosives near useless, as players will only take minor damage. 
Ultra Grenade Vcutted
Also included in the bundle is 75 Ultra Grenades (more powerful than normal grenades), which can be used to blow enemies up. 


  • This bundle provides 30% Health, just like the Desert equipment but this bundle provides an extra 60% protection against Explosives . This makes the Anti-Explosive Set the 2nd toughest suit in the game. (First one being from the Chinese New Years, the black hero suit.)
  • According to iChase on his video here , he states that the Anti-Explosives Suit can withstand 4 consecutive shots from a Howitzer Gun, and that after the Update players will be using less Explosive weapons but if the player has Extra Reduce Damage by Explosives they can withstand 5 Howitzer shots.
  • Players with one piece of the Anti-Explosive suit and both skill perks which provides resistance against explosives can survive one Thumper shot with minimal Health remaining.
  • When equipped with the full Anti-Explosive Gear (Mask, Vest and Pants) and having all the skill perks, the player can survive 2 Thumper shots or 3 Rockets, 4 Howitzer Gun shots, or 5 Hand Grenades.
  • This pack was available for purchase about 4 times in game, twice during the Hand Grenade Fest (disambiguation), once during the Best of the year collection, and once during the Memorial Weekend Sale.
  • After the 3.0 update, it is said that those who equip the full Anti-Explosive set can survive 5 explosive rounds with the full set (Excluding Thumper and Dragons breath cannon) compared to the previous 4 explosive rounds . This is however, valid only if you have all health perks and explosion resistance perks.
  • This bundle made a comeback during the Soccer Madness (Event).

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