• Android Jacket in menu.
  • Android Jacket as seen when equipped.
  • Android Jacket equipped.
  • Android Equipment in Loading Screen.
The Android Jacket is a body armor that is part of the Android Equipment set. It became permanently available during the Urban Update exclusively for Android Respawnables players only.

It unlocks at level13, although you can equip it at level 1 without paying any extra gold fees, which makes it useful for new players.

Additionally, it provides a 2% health boost.


The Android Jacket is a black and light-green colored Jacket covered with a bulletproof vest. The front of the vest contains a typical Android Logo. It has two black pockets resting on the abdomen and a pair of black gloves.

Trivia Edit

  • On the Android Server this Jacket, the Google Maps T-Shirt and the Android Cap mark a player as a beginner, since mostly beginners are wearing those.
  • It's one of the only Armor pieces that are given out for free.
  • It is exclusive to Android players only, meaning only Android users will be able to equip this.

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