The All Bundles' Exclusive Items Pack is an armor pack released on the 24th of December 2014. It contains all of the exclusive items which are part of an expired bundles. It costs $79.99 Dollar1.

The bundle is no longer available for sale anymore.


The All Bundles' Exclusive Items Pack, as said above, contains all exclusive sets of armor, weapons and gadgets originating from armor packs of previous events that has expired, but it also includes items from existing bundles. The following items in this pack includes:


  • The All Bundles' Exclusive Items Pack holds the most amount of items for a deal.
  • It is the third most expensive bundle introduced in the game.
  • Outside of the deal bundle
  • Urban Ops bundle
  • Anti-Explosives pack(elite assault rifle not included)
  • Close-Quarters pack(chemrail NOT included)
  • Warlock bundle
  • Shadow hunter bundle
  • Santa Bundle
  • Classic Santa bundle
  • Easter Bunny set( grenade launcher not included)
  • Spec Ops bundle(grenade launcher not included)

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