The Airsoft SMG

Hard to use the Airsoft SMG? A ripoff? Getting killed too much when using this weapon? Calm down! You are at a right place. This page will share with you some guides and tips about using this weapon.

About the Airsoft SMG

It was introduced in the Earth Day Update, and can be earned for free either through the tiers of the Earth Day or in the Spooky Nights. Later, it was brought back in the game at the price of 185 GoldIcon, which is kind of pricey for most players. Having only 21 bullets in its clip, it drains its ammo very fast.

Learn more about it here.


This weapon has 21 bullets per clip and has a fire rate of 10 shots per second. The damage is very bad and poor per shot, so a player needs at least two clips to take an enemy down; however, a headshot will damage the target three times more than the normal damage. Besides that, it has a great agility, thus it makes the Run And Gun strategy very effective. Run across the map, shoot everything you can in your path. Strafing and circling your enemy isn't a big issue.

What To Do

  • Always reload.
  • Use Stun Grenade a lot. Best for each of your kills.
  • Make use of the Explosive Barrels if available.
  • Target the injured/low leveled players first.
  • Damage your enemies using explosive gadgets like the Hand Grenades and Dynamite and others.
  • Circle around your enemy at close range.
  • Back away when an enemy with close-quarters weapons (such as shotgun or Blunderbuss) is coming towards you while shooting at him.
  • Strafe a lot while shooting, on your way towards your target.
  • Take a lot of covers against other weapons, especially against Explosives ones.
  • Ambush your victim.

What Not To Do

  • Go straight towards your enemy especially when they are using a better weapon.
  • Overconfidently attack a shotgun user.
  • Forget to reload.
  • Start shooting at long distance. The bullets will scattered around the enemy instead of onto the enemy more and the damage is quite little over a distance.
  • Standing still while shooting.

What To Wear/Use


It is best to equip at least one agility boosting gear, and one health boosting armor. The other one is optional. You can choose either to use accuracy or health or agility boosting gear. If you have the Cyber Ninja Greaves, it is a wise decision to equip it.

Equiping gear that nerfs another players weapon is a good choice, as their weapon will do less damage and you can kill your oppenent before they even damage three quarters of your health.

If you don't have nerfing gear equip your highest health equipment


It is highly suggested to use the Stun Grenade along with this weapon. Other explosive gadgets like the Hand Grenades and Super Grenades can be used too, to damage your enemy first before you start firing. Immunity shields can help avoid damage, and with the spotter nerf stealth can allow you to easily ambush others.

Against others

Shotguns: Back away when they are coming towards you while shooting. Strafe and circle around them while shooting at them. Keep yourself away from their crosshair and stay at their back. Stun them if possible. Then, it will be easier to take them down.

Automatic Weapons: Compared to them, you are clearly overpowered by them. So, at a long distance, take cover and take other route to get near them. Don't run straight towards them. Strafing won't help much as these weapons have an excellent accuracy. Be sure to engage a close ranged combat and circle around them. However, Siege Cannon and Minigun must not be encountered at close range nor longer range. Stun them (all) if possible. They can't do much later.

Explosive Weapons: They can easily kill you while you are struggling to kill them. So, take a lot of covers. Don't stay at the edge though as these weapons have splash damages. Your only chance is either to wait for them to reload or when they are injured. To make things go easier, stun them.

Snipers: They are dangerous only when you didn't know their existence in the match. When you spot one, stay away from their sight. Stay hidden behind covers while going towards them. Don't run straight towards them, instead strafe right and left while running towards them and shooting at them. Be unpredictable as you can. At a close range, just circle around them while shooting.

Revolver: When you see one, avoid from him. Do not go towards them directly. Instead, go around the map and take other routes. Ambush or attack them while they are busy with others. Strafe while shooting and circle around them at a closer range. Take covers when injured. Stun them if possible, to save you from any trouble.

Flare Gun: This weapon is clearly a threat at mid range and at a closer distance. And your weapon's (Airsoft SMG) effective range happened to be at a mid to close range. So, your only chance is either to strafe a lot while backing away from them (while shooting, of course), or to stun them. The latter is easier and better.

Weapon Analysis


  • Very fast agility.
  • Short reloading time.
  • Good RoF.


  • Low damage output, easily outclassed by most weapons.
  • Bad accuracy at longer distance (big crosshair)
  • Small clip (21).
  • Expensive (overpriced for its quality).
  • Damage highly decreased over a distance.

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