Account suspension is an account status where your account can no longer enter Multiplayer. It happens when you break the terms and conditions of the game and the DEVs block you from multiplayer.


What it looks like when you're suspended.

Causes- Why your account is bannedEdit

There are several reasons why your account can be banned. The list below is not all of the terms, but the most common reasons of a ban.

  • Hacking - This includes using cheating tools and in-game hacks (like infinite ammo, God Mode and damage modifiers).
  • Exploiting - Game-breaking tricks. This also includes doing things that allows you to obtain certain things without meeting its requirements.
  • Data sharing - Giving out data that allows others to get your things like restoring purchases.
  • Data modification - Editing your data (e.g. Changing your currency amount).
  • Inappropriate content - Having a name in form of an inappropriate word (e.g. n1gga).
  • Harrassment - Sending mail to Digital Legends that includes offensive content like death threats.

Some of these rules aren't really looked at. However, you may have a chance of being tracked down so don't take the risk of doing these type of things. Doing this repeatedly will end you up having a permanent suspension, meaning you shall not enter multiplayer mode ever again.

Getting out of suspensionEdit

There are several ways that can allow you to enter multiplayer mode again:

  • Waiting for the ban to be finished.
  • Sending a ban appeal to the support team (May vary on the amount of offenses you made).
  • Hacking (Riskiest way, but most of the time you will be suspended again).

Punishments Edit

Punishments are usually given to people who have been unbanned and are on parole. These include

  • Cash being reset to 0
  • Gold being reset to 0
  • Level being reset to 0
  • Banned from receiving Daily Rewards
  • Or all of the above


  • Generally, you get three chances. Breaking the third chance will result in a permanent suspension and your Multiplayer account will be erased
  • Events are impossible to participate during a ban, but the only thing you can do during an event is buying the limited-time items and do mission mode-only challenges.
  • If you send a email to Digital Legends they may get you unbanned, however a punishment is usually included
  • BlitzForever is the only person to have be able to get out of a permanent suspension and with no punishments


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