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Dual Golden Pistol

We all know that releasing the Golden weapons is a good addition for F2P players to be able to compete and have fun in the game, alongside with good event weapons and stuffs. In my opinion, all of them are great, especially the Golden Shotgun , Golden Bazooka and the powerful Golden Blunderbuss.πŸ˜‚

So what about the latest one, the Dual Golden Pistol? I hope that this review will make those who haven't got this weapon yet have a better, explicit view about it.

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The Dual Golden Pistol is a weapon that you can earn by reaching the 8th Prestige rank (at level 400)

Let's talk about its advantages:
- First, It's golden, and it looks coolΒ :)
- It has a decent clip size of 30, which can help you to perform long killstreaks in mission/multiplayer before running out of ammo.Β 
- The damage is good. Its highest base damage (at close range) is 40% health per shot (given that 100% is the amount of normal health without any health perk). This means that it normally takes 3 shots to kill low-armored foes at close range. However, its damage HEAVILY decrease at longer ranges, even though the stats say that it has 3 bars of range.
- Its rate of fire is fairly high: 144 round per min (RPM), exactly same as its single counterpart (Golden Pistol), and a little bit faster than the Dual Revolver which has the RoF of 120 RPM.

And now, about its disadvantages:
- It has an exceptionally bad accuracy, worse than the Dual Revolver and many other dual handguns. The aim-assist is not as sensitive as its single variation. I know it is supposed to be a close-range weapon but sometimes you'll just find youself miss 1/4 the amount of your shots at close to mid range engagements.
- And then the agility, It has 3 bars of agility. It's not good but it's not bad either. I don't understand why they didn't make it a full-agility weapon. Why didn't make it just like when they made the Dual Revolver, compared to the single RevolverΒ : you sacrifice only the accuracy to get double the amount of ammo capacity, lower the agility is not necessary at all. Anyway, you will be fairly slow when running around with this weapon, so it is recommended to wear at least one or two piece of clothings that give you a good amount of extra Agility (7% - 10% each) so it will be effective with run and gun, aggressive, close range playstyle.

In conclusion, the Dual Golden Pistol is a good weapon, especially at close range combats. It looks cool and it is fun to play with.Β 

  • Some facts:
    -It has the same firing sound as the Dual Flintlock Pistol .
    - It is somehow very easy to get headshots with this weapon when you're shooting at enemies running straight toward you.
  • Note: the amount of damage and rate of fire I evaluated is fairly precise.Β Β 
  • Extra gameplay: Β Β 
Dual Golden Pistol Gameplay (20% damage buff)-1

Dual Golden Pistol Gameplay (20% damage buff)-1

Β Β 
This is my noobie gameplay, testing it out with 20% extra damage gained from the Celtic Pants (yep, the pants is pretty powerful). Finally you can make good use of its low Agility by using this pants.πŸ˜‚

Feel free toΒ leave some feedback below. Thank you all β™‘