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Fluffynator leaks
Respawnables - FLUFFYNATOR Stats + Gameplay Leak! | Stun Passive | Summer Camp Final Prize
Respawnables - FLUFFYNATOR Stats + Gameplay Leak! | Stun Passive | Summer Camp Final Prize YouTube
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What are the most problematic Weapons and Armors?

Since the most popular choice in the survey is "Unbalanced Weapons and Armors", what are the most problematic Weapons and Armors in Respawnables.
I'l list off some of them:

Le Cocotier, Le Cocotier Dual, Healer, Stake Launcher, Dual Stake Launcher and Shark-Bow - Stun and slowing effects in a multiplayer video game aren't fun.
Toxic Shotgun, Assault Rifle DU MK 2, Heavy Maskaleon - Poison as a whole is unbalanced.

Medic Jacket - 30% resistance is too powerful.
Knight Cuirass - Counter bows and rifles with one easy trick!
CCP VIII - 87% Health. Seems balanced.....
S.F. Headset, Black Charro Mask, Freedom Soldier Hat - 50% damage boost to a weapon class is too powerful.
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Do we have any plans on what will we will do once this game inevitably shuts down?

Lord Bob here, got locked out out of my account, but this is besides the point.
This is just a thought I recently had, I honestly doubt this game will shut down any time soon as it does generate revenue for DL, but it is good to discuss this scenario as we never know when it will happen. Is there any revival project that we could do once it shuts down? Something like Club Penguin Rewritten or Toontown Rewritten, but for Respawnables, we gather a team to port the game onto PC (where it would be easier to work with) and set up our own servers, events, etc. kind of like what is being done now by DL themselves. Bonus points if we manage to get our hands on an old copy of the game (pre 2014) so we could also make a side project where we just make a chill port of old Respawnables. Yes, I know modification/tampering with the game files is against the rules, but this would be done (or maybe released to the public) when the official game shuts down, to respect DL as our revival project could potentially make them lose profit if it was released to the public when the official game was still around. 
Now, I would be useless and probably couldn’t help with such a big project, but I just am wondering if we have any folks here that are good in this field and if this would be an achievable feat for us (not just the Respawnables Wiki community, but all of the Respawnables community)
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Did it again tier 3 bow event finished showing u all

Did it again tier 3 bow event finished showing u all missions and best wepaons to use watch now !
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1 tier

How to complete trial three? I killed everyone with all the prefferred guns but my trial didnt completed. Help!!
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Uhh what?

I am floating Spawned inside the wall
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Flare gun mk3 got dramatically buffed?

Hi guys,nice to see you again.
I was wearing Fluffy hat,medic body and mornach 'a pants,with the zombie bully and using Flare gun mk3.However,I was down after being shot by another flare gun mk3.According to my maths,the basic health of my equipments mean I have 174%,while using zombie bull means I have 348%,and due to the damage reduction of medic body,348%/70%=500%,which means you need to drain the blood of 5people to kill me.
Though my opponent was wearing the wasp's head,but that means the damage from his shot causes 400% of damage???So has flare gun mk3 got buffed dramatically during this event?
There are additional suspicious points.According to my experiments.That guy can't have been using the glass cannon.Cuz if he had used glass cannon and zombie bull at the same time,he would just have the normal health of a player.But I can't kill him with one shot of flare gun mk3????
Last but not least,my blood is much more higher than his,actually my combination is the most invincible tank in the game.But how can he kill me while I can't kill him???
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Finsihed the new launchers event and show all missions and best weapons to use

Finsihed the new launchers event and show all missions and best weapons to use at it watch now
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The Final trial of Summer Camp

In the final trial of summer camp rifles are on fire so I assume the trial must be completed with rifles. My question is what do you think is the best rifle to get through the tiers? First I thought about the DV Carbine because you can run and shoot accurately at the same time but I am not sure though.
What do you guys think?
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New Player Impressions

So I downloaded the game a few days ago because I was looking for a multiplaer third person shooter. 
Upon starting the game for the first time and getting into the single player missions, I was impressed by the controls. Aiming and moving feel very fluid. The time to kill wasn't too short or too long and there is a nice selection of weapons. Then I jumped into multiplayer and quickly started not enjoying the game.
The matchmaking is horrible. Pairing new players with people who I assume have prestiged, they have multiple gold stars and high level gear. It seems like the meta of the game is too equip as many high agility items as you can with a 1 shot kill weapon and just zoom around the map 1 shotting everyone you run by untill someone 1 shots you back.
Anyway I persevered thinking i'm just low level, if i level up abit then it might not be so bad.So I got to level 26, where I can get some better agility items, and a better weapon. After buying nearly all the weapons I have access too, there is only one weapon a low level scrub can use to be competitive, and its the 85 gold blunderbuss which at least allows me to 1/2 shot kill. Everything I could use just takes too long to kill in that brutal environment.
I'm not opposed to a 1 or 2 shot kill meta, but what is a problem is that is renders most of the games weapons useless. I want to use a variety of weapons, that offer different playstyles. As I get higher up in levels more viable weapons will unlock for me, but I see even high level players using the blunderbluss, so whats the point in buying any other weapons if the best weapons in the game are all really similar.
I also keep seeing weapons which are not avaliable to buy anywhere in the game, I assuming these are old weapons from events or they are just no longer avaliable in the shop. I am assuming this is the same for armor and other gear. This is also dissappointing. I don't understand how someone can make a competitive shooter without all weapons and all gear being avaliable to everyone. If one weapon or certain weapons are OP or top tier and you remove them from the game so others can't get them, then the game is doomed from a competitive stand point.
I'm under no illusion that most freemium multiplayer games you can play on mobile are Pay 2 Win, I'm fine with it, as long as every item/weapon in the game can be earned by a free 2 play player. So putting certain weapons and items in the game with just a flat out pricetag (as in cannot even be bought with gold, but money only) is super shady. The only way to get this stuff is to outright buy it. Once again if one or more of these pay only items is top tier/OP then it's even more Pay 2 Win.
One thing that has annoyed me is the Tapjoy free gold offers. I've completed about 10 of them and not a single one has paid out. I've queried every single one through their support and nothing has been done about it, it feels like i got scammed into downloading and playing a bunch of games for nothing.
So my questions are, is this the full extent of the game I have to look forward to by carrying on, Can a Free 2 Play player be competitive enough? Is the high mobility 1 shot kill meta the entire extent of the meta? Do weapons/items which are no longer avaliable come back into the game every now and again, or is it just gone forever?
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I am lvl 40 and I have 500 gold... I only have the chemrail and the Rainbows endlich.... Wich weapon should I buy!?
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Good Armor for real money

I search a bundle with good Armor can you help me?
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Is it worth rejoining the game?

Haven't touched the game since around April, thinking of coming back but I have some billing issues I'll resolve in a few days. Is it worth rejoining the game or does everyone have those overpowered masteries because of that event that gave them out?
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Glass Cannon or Zombie Bull?

This is my first (and probably) last time to get 15 legendary respawnites. So if I have to choose between the Glass Cannon or Zombie Bull and I can only ever get one of them, what should I get?
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I like how the Diamonita event brings back the Team Vs spirit somewhat.

Players are actually working together in the spirit of true Team Vs matchs/ Of course there are still the occasional speed hackers and whatnot, but generally it's refreshing how the gameplay changed a bit because of this event.
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What is the best set in the game right now?

I started recently to play the game after almost a year, I've seen that a lot of bundles came, and I'm kinda lost of which weapons or clothes to use, so what are the most OP sets right now?
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What is clans in respawnables?

What is clans in respawnables? Do they benefit the player that join them? (Sorry if there is any grammar mistake)
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Buyer Beware: Bundles Placebo

Buying bundles since the Mexican Update are placebo at best because its just boosted during the events.
In Mexican Fiesta: Launchers received a 10% movement and speed buff.
In Archery Tournament 2: All bows with a 10% damage and movement speed buff.
In the Diamonita Wars: All handguns get a 20% speed, reload and damage buff.
So what you thought was an OP weapon is actually just boosted for the event!! 😂😂😂😂😂
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Final prize weapon gameplay! (Thompkin 45)

This video belongs to Youtube user "Joslyn Lee". I  have no idea how he got this gun.
By the look of it, apparently you can tell that it is a 1-hit K.O weapon in close-mid range engagements. Has only 1 round per clip, and a powerful melee skill.

Respawnables thompkin45-0
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Fiber Crossbow Review!

I guess I'll do this one.
Alright, the Fiber Crossbow! The final prize of Archery Tournament 2! Should you get it? Yes, of course. The event is extremely easy. At most, it'll take an hour to complete.
Everyone knows about its resemblance to the Explosive Crossbow, and it is indeed a very similar weapon, but with 3 changes.
1. The look
I prefer the futuristic look of this over the rugged feel of the Explosive Crossbow, but that's just personal opinion.
2. The damage
This deal lower damage than the Explosive Crossbow. It can't even 1-shot the bots with its explosion! Be sure to hit the enemy twice with the arrow with the piercing ability.
3. The agility
High agility than the EC. Is it worth the decreased damage? Depends.
I'm lazy, so I'll just do pros and cons.

You move fast
It can pierce (Sometimes good, sometimes bad)
It has a blast radius
It looks cool
It has a blast radius

Poor damage, requiring 3 shots to take someone out w/o the explosion, and 2 shots for the explosion itself
Has a massive dip, making long range kills difficult w/o practice
The piercing thing is sorta hard to use
It's explosive, so it can be nerfed by everything
Actual review
This weapon is like the Disruptor. The Strongarm (Explosive Crossbow) has been around for a long time, and does its job well. Then the Disruptor (This) comes along, and it's nearly the same thing, except 1 or 2 minor changes.
If you don't have either, there's no reason not to get this. If you already have the Explosive Crossbow, I don't recommend you replace it with this. It's just a little bit different. This doesn't really have anything the Explosive Crossbow doesn't have.
(Sorry for the obscure analogy)
Feedback is appreciated
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