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Transfers data

Hi guys
I need transfer data respwanables from facebook account to another facebook account because i will lock my account and i do not want to lose my level
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How do I contact DLE via mail?

Can anyone link their email adress if they can?
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Ian there a glitch with the orbital jacket

"Nail a perfect reload to receive a 50% damage boost for 2 seconds"

But what is a perfect reload?

Many people said that "a perfect reload means the reload action after your whole clip is consumed"
But according to my pictures,that is not a perfect reload.
And probably a perfect reload isn't a reload that is performed smoothly without any kind of interruption?You must perform reload action consecutively without taking damage?I have also tried that,wasn't working
So far,I have only run into two perfect reloads and I do not know how I did it.
(The Red Cross means that's my reload is not a perfect one and if it is,there should be a green tick taking the place of the Red Cross)

So guys,is there something wrong with the jacket?Or have you found out "what is a perfect reload"

PS:The bundle Osborne excellent even if the jacket turns out to be a piece of junky,the gun is a nightmare if fully buffed with the orbital cap,ghostbusters 2016 T-shirt and the WASP pants. And the pants in the bundle is also amazing.The jump-down effect is spectacular and is a one-shot explosion.
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I have a YouTube channel and I want to know when a new map comes
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How can i get a star up my head when i shot a enemy

I see a lot of enemies who shot me and pops up a star up her head. How can i get this star?
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Recovering an account

So Ive started playing Respawnables in 2015 when I got my new tablet. I've been playing actively until haloween 2016.Then I stopped and deleted the game because I needed storage. Then a month later my Facebook account got deleted (my account was linked with Facebook). When I saw that I downloaded Respawnables again to see if I could recover my account by linking with Google Play (i thought i linked my account with both Facebook and Google Play). Sadly I never linked my account to Google Play. I was pretty sad because i was level 47, I had the assault rifle, shotgun,heavy machine gun, little italy, sniper rifle, plunderbuss, scoped assault rifle, bazooka, dual pistols, revolver, double barrel shotgun, anti material sniper, summer camp head and pants, full vampire set for haloween 2016, cyborg body and head, and between 300-500 gold. If there is a way for me to recover my account then I would be happy. Also my in game name was Stefan.
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What is the star with wings?

What is the star with wings that you can click on and off for weapons and gear?
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Red/Green circle under the character after killing someone?

Hey y'all I just want to ask what the red circle with arrows that point up, or green circle with crosses under your character after killing someone, I've seen this activity in youtube videos, and in multiplayer in the game. Particularly high leveled ones, I was wondering when I'd get it? Or if I can even get it at all. Thanks lots!
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What does it mean the Orange Shield above your respawnable character?

What does it mean the Orange Shield with number 30 inside just above your respawnable character?
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DL still give refund ?

I want to buy a steam epuipment bundle but if i don't like it then can i get refund for it ? It would be ho helpful if someone explain me proccess of refund.
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The Loop of Death Glitch?!

Hey Guys, happy new year!
I have a question, regarding a bug/glitch that I have encountered twice already. Last trial (Week2) Of the winter camp, while being on the final tier my game crashed. I though: No big deal...maybe imlost the last 20 minutes of progress...Thats it. But that was not the case. After I restarted the game I found my self in this wired loop. I am on the title screen, then in the main menu, where you can choose to go on missions, multiplayer, friends, settings and so on. I pressed on multiplayer and the following Massage showed up. I clicked on okay....the game seemed to reload and after 20 seconds I was back on the main title screen. I pressed multiplayer again, and the massage popped up again. Same thing happened if I pressed on mission, or on my weapons and equipment screen. I did everything even deleted the game and reinstalled it. After restoring my account I clicked on multiplayer again. Remember I was on the final tier..(not the I care about some stupid shotgun skin) and the massage came up again. It wouldn’t work until the release of trial 3 (Week3). After that everything was normal again. Today I wanted to finish the weightlifting trial (Imwas on tier 8 again -.-) and I even joked about how funny it would be if the wired glitch would occur again on the last trial....when exactly that happend.
The only thing I am worried about is that the same stupid thing happens to me next week and then the final event n price will be impossible to get for me. Does anyone experience this glitch too? I am on IOS. I will put the screenshot of the looping massage down below..
Thnaks for reading this long ass post...I hope someone can figure out what the hell that is. Sorry for some spelling/grammar mistakes I might have made, it’s late I am tired and English ain’t my native language.
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yo yo ye ye yo yo ye ye yeet yo lit fam lit emoji 100% crying of laughter emoji

on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad do you want to recreate iChase's "laser light show" at new years eve
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Facebook Account change.

Today I get this message that your fb account is changed .Now you are playing so and so continue to play. now it shows another name on fb account not mine.
Plz help me . How to get old fb account in game to play.
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Is it possible to play Respawnables on TWO iOS devices simultaneously with the same account?

HiI myself do not play Respawnables, but a good friend of mine has asked me for some help.The question is if on iOS it is possible to play Respawnables on TWO devices without one of them overwriting progress from the other?
They would like to be able to play both on their iPad and their iPhone (not necessarily on both at the same time), and keep all data properly in sync, without losing items/progress obtained in one installation, the next time they open the game on the other installation.This thread is similar: .. it's about transferring only, not about simultaneously playing on two devices (as described above).
From the referred thread I gather all items (including the ones that were won instead of bought) can be transferred to a new iOS device using a Game Center or FB login. Now, all that remains as a question is if it is safe/possible to keep playing the game on both devices or not.
Thanks in advance and cheers!
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How do transfer your Respawnables account from andriod to ios?

Hi All,
Hopefully someone can help me out here?
I have recently upgrade to a new ios device.(iphone5)
I want to transfer my respawnables account and guns/equipment, gold & cash to my new device.
But when I opened respawnables I was back at the start, Lv 1 (No Guns... No Gold... Nothing).
My account has always been synced with facebook so I logged into facebook on the new device but still nothing starts with a brand new account with no guns and stuffs.
Is there any way i can link my account from android to ios? Please help!
Thanks in advance
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What weapon should I get next?

My best weapon I have is the Minigun (from the recent event) and I was wondering which weapon I should aim for next that doesn't cost real money (unlike the Battle Ram)
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I need help...

Hello guys,sorry for not on this pages for a few month
but thats not the point
I had stucked in the new event(Summer Camp 2017) trial 2 tier 4 which is "Get 40 headshots with any Handgun weapon in Free For All." I have do that for ages!!! but is still didn't do any progress!!!
(BTW sorry for my bad english)
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Tips for new players

This thread is only about tips to new players for this event.I hope this will help.
Tip 1 - Best weapon for new players who missed explosive crossbow is Revolver and Howitzer and Dobule barrel shotgun.Those weapons are on sale on the store at a cheap price.Get some cash and buy them.
  2 - Look for ultimate medal and ultimate soldier sign.Your goal is only to kill them and be ultimate soldier.But kill others on your way.Each time you kill ultimate soldier it gives you massive amount of event score.

Killing an Ultimate Soldier = 50 points
Killing an enemy after being ultimate soldier = 5 points,it sucks.
Picking up ultimate medal =10 points + defence boost
  3 - This tip is the best.With this tip you will progress faster than others.Shoot at enemy but dont kill them,your goal is decreasing their health.After they pick ultimate medal then try to kill them very fast.So you will hunt an untimate soldier and get good amount of points.Use it tip everytime.
Hope this tip will help.Dont forget to join our wiki.Its a fun site not for only information but this community have very very much to give you.
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