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• 2/13/2018

Hey guys

I’ve been playing this game for about 5 years now and I have finally decided to become part of its community. I did edit here anonymously a few times before but I feel like having an account is better. So yeah
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• 7/24/2017

Hi lol

Well, I've been playing this game since May 2015 and I just found out about this wiki so yeah. Just thought I'd introduce myself to the community since I'm still a fan. I'll probably stay for a while so I hope to get to know you guys. Rip this terrible intro :D
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• 7/17/2017

Hi Respawnables Wiki

I'm a newcomer here, Just recently started playing respawnables again, and Im glad that I found a community dedicated to the game I started playing about five years ago. Hoping to get to know you guys better.:)
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• 11/17/2016

Hi every Respawners and Wikians here.

Hi buddies I know that this is a late introduction.
But anyway hello I am iMercenary in Respawnables and wikia.I am here from about 4 or 5 months.
My real name is Indrajit Manna.I am Indian.Meaning of the name is control over senses or another meaning is I have defeated Hindu Thor,Lord Indra.Jit means victory.
I am 20 years old.But I seem little younger than 20.
I am cute.Shy in childhood but not now.
Soon I will upload real photo of myself.Uploading games video on youtube.
Wants to be good friend or better, best friend of everyone.Everybody please take a big welcome note from me.Anyone can befriend of me if want.Be humble because I am humble.
Enjoy your ride of Respawnables.Be happy in real life and game.
Thank you for give me your time.Goodbye for now.
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• 6/4/2016
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• 11/28/2015

Greeting respawnablites!

Just wanted to say hello to everyone on the wiki, I've been playing for a while (lvl 50) and just uncovered this wiki, so I decided to say hello to everyone and get to know you guys.
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• 2/13/2015

Hello my fellow Taco people!! I'm new here...

Hi, ma name's Jef
Thanks my fellow Taco people
Juanito, the Tacoman
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• 7/5/2014

Code RED

Watchdogs wiki is under attack by a Code:Wang vandal all staff members proceed to lock down pages to administrators only for one week or until the vandal is blocked by VSTF thank you for your cooperation.
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• 6/7/2014


Hey guys!
Well, I'm not that new, I made this account quite a while ago to see if I can contribute something, Although the only thing I've been doing was lurking on the wiki here and there and edited some minor things.
So, I wanted to start with this wiki, I don't know why, it kinda packed me to see the cool community here and I simply wanted to be part of it. :)
To my person, well, the only thing which I've been doing on the internet, which comes close to a wiki is that I am on other games forums and that pretty active, I love to make guides, tutorials, simple data threads and much more so I think this wiki can become pretty fun for me. 
Of course I play Respawnables for a long time, I think it was one or two months before Halloween 2013, my username is DocDoBig and I am on Android only (which is important to know, since iOS and Android have seperated respawnables servers). Level 50, having almost every weapon and trying to master them all. Favorite Weapons are (how mainstream it is) Revolver, Blunderbuss, dbshotgun, flare gun, thumper, all snipers and I begin to love Stake Launcher in combo with grenades :)
Wellllll, I think that was all to say, cya!
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• 5/9/2014

Final fling Video of Respawnables

I done a video of respawnables for my final fling exam in speech class and let me tell you it wasn't easy to record respawnables gameplay on a tripod but at least it worked out well in the end.
I also want to congratulate my fellow gamers/ contributors for taking enough time out of their day to help improve respawnables wiki and for being determined to get this information out to our gamers because a well constructed gaming wiki makes a huge difference so do not give up just give it your all guys.

Level 14 Aidhana and Jackey Dan67
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