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Halloween coming up

y'all gonna wait for it sooner

(notice the S.F zombie)

The Respawnables on Twitter
The Respawnables on Twitter Twitter
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Calm Down might be back

This probably isn’t worth announcing, but whatever.

Calm Down Respawn, after lying dormant for over a year, suddenly followed someone on Twitter today.
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New Event
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New feature to make announcements to your community!

Hey Respawnables fans and wiki members!
Your community has been using forum highlights to notify users of important posts. FANDOM has recently released a new feature called Announcements that also helps you get the word out. You can use it to link to any important content (blog post, article, file page, etc.) and are no longer limited to just highlighting forum posts!
Please find the details on what Announcements can do on the Announcements help page. Also, this blog post talks about what Announcements can do that highlights couldn't.
As you might know, FANDOM is phasing out the forums and replacing them with the much more mobile-friendly Discussions. Even sooner than that, we'll also be retiring the highlights function everywhere. Now that you no longer need the forums to keep your community members updated, you have the option to copy your forum content to Discussions and going forward, have your conversations there instead.
Interested? If your community would like to make this change now, let me know!
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'Loop of Death' glitch

I think this pretty much explains it.. that "New data updating.." whacha-mcall-magajig 😡😡😡😡😡

The Respawnables FB
So in conlusion it's pretty much 'DEVICE-DEPENDENT' 😂😂😂😂😂
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Summer Camp Offers

I found some leaked pictures of the offers in later trials.
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Win a Rainbow's End and DLE T-Shirt!

Digital Legends started a promotion on their social media, and you have the chance to win a Rainbow's End, and get a DLE T-Shirt as a participation prize.
From their FB page:
We are celebrating 5 years of Respawnables and COUNTING with an event like NEVER BEFORE – Not only that, we have this fun competition to celebrate our whole community and everybody who has been with us these 5 years!
To participate, we would like you to send us your memories!
The rules of the competition are as follows:
✓ POST A PICTURE OF YOUR FAVORITE RESPAWNABLES MOMENT using the hashtag #respawnables5yearsandcounting in the COMMENTS below or on Twitter (@TheRespawnables) ie. screenshot, video, Fan Art, a picture of you playing - the sky is the limit!
✓Include your USER NAME (we will use this to send you the gift to your profile, so don’t change until you receive your gift)
✓ Everybody wins: Everyone who participates will get this fantastic Digital Legends in-game T-shirt. The Winner also gets the Rainbow’s End Rifle.
✓ There is no limitation on the number of screenshots you may submit. However, there is a limit of one prize per person.
✓Winner will be announced on the 1st of August!
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im back

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Next Event: Big Map Quest 2!

The next event coming in Thursday will be the Big Map Quest 2.
Check out the update video:
Stuff featured in video:

'Manmax' Set
An Infamous Captain Set recolor
Sabotage Pack
Fire Commando Set
A coconut gun that can stun people
An exotic looking Bazooka-type rocket launcher
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New Event Teaser!

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New Event Teaser!

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Meanwhile, in the Discord...

Naturespirit awakened from a long hiatus to bring us this message: This concludes this announcement.
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Archery Tournament 2 Coming Up!
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Hmmm we all can make this happen!

So I just was going through random pages and found out almost 90% of the new pages are not filled with information nor do they hey have pics so I would request u guys to paste a link down below of a page without any pic or whichever requires a pic with a transparent background

12:58, April 25, 2018 (UTC)
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Help Update the Staff Page!

The Staff Members page hasn't been updated in almost a year, so I decided to do it myself. If I made a dumb mistake, forgive me. I'm not familiar with the wikia politics.
If I missed your name, please list it below so I can add it or go add it yourself, if you're a content moderator.
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Making the wiki look more up to date

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I have spent the remaining hour making the wiki look much more modern!!! Now as you will notice the "recent activity" page is much more modern, there are actual loading screens, the avatars are round instead of square and have a blue color surrounding it, your message walls have been updated and your ranks on your user pages have different colors now!! If you want to make polls they will look so much nicer too. There are probably other things that i missed since they're only small visual details but it looks much better. Of course i'm tired but my work isn't done the background is still funky and i'm working on a snow storm effect for the background. On this note I hope you'll enjoy the visual changes (even if it's nothing revolutionary)
And BTW since I altered the CSS so much PLEASE don't mess with it unless you know what you're doing I BEG YOU. If you want I can teach you some stuff but if you make a single mistake the wiki might bug like crazy and some stuff might be deleted so PLEEEEEEEASE be careful with the CSS ;)
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some issues

honestly i won't be editing much around like may 2 to may 4 because i have a exam going
so don't expect to demote me if this happened imerc
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An Ominous Tweet

The Official Respawnables Twitter page tweeted this recently:
Either the rest of Mexican Fiesta 3 is going to be insanely difficult, or Cyber Menace 2?
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