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Why are there so many hackers now?

Hackers that take no damage and hackers with stupidly fast speed and fire rate, why isn't DLE banning these people?

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Were snipers buffed?

Just used the anti-material with its new skin and the auto-aim felt more present if that makes sense. Was this a buff or is it just me?

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Wiki Admin Rights

Just wanted to know what I have to do to have my Admin rights back. Things have changed since a couple of years ago, so I understand if it isn’t as easy as before to obtain them again. Let me know on here please. I’m looking to get right back into things again.
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the annoying af new mouse thing.

you know the mouse indicator on the screen? yea the little black arrow thing that you use to select things on the interwebs? how come when i come back and try to select things im greeted with this bigaf blue pointer thing now?? its really annoying cus its so big i cant pinpoint eactly what i want to click. 
also, u know the little flashing line on the screen when you type? yea who thought it was a good idea to turn it into TWO BLUE LINES?! now i dont know which one to use to pick a place to fix a typo! its so massive that if i just try to select a line of text and itll select the line above it! 

so. to whoever decided this was a good idea. to make the mouse indicator and the text indicator so big... PLEASE RECONSIDER. especially the little flashing line on the screen when you type and edit. it makes editing really hard. and the mouse can you pick something thats more accurately a point? 

but for reals
with respect, 
III rspn
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The front page is very outdated. Why hasn't anyone updated it yet?
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There have been a few duplicate pages and other useless pages that Zytoep has found or that just have been there.
I don't know who has the power to delete those pages but if they could delete them that would be great.

(Not sure if I should highlight this)
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Getting weapons

Hey yall wouldn't it be cool if DLE gave the players who originally got the gun from an event an exclusive skin (or from a bundle)
then we could tell who is actually good at this game
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Journey through the Ranks on the Wiki

Any way I can work my way up again? I want to help the wiki again, I just feel like I’ve wasted the potential I had before. I still enjoy the game, despite its ‘balance’. I think I just got a little carried away earlier.
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I’m leaving Respawnables and the Wiki

Truth is, I just don’t come on here that often. The game and this wiki were fun when they lasted. I only rate games based on the enjoyment I felt. 2/10 No progression after Level 50 for years! Events no longer have relatable gear to a weapon, just copy and pasted gear from a paid bundle, and a random weapon now. Worse events, with this event being a poorer variation of the 2016 Halloween event. I’m just done with Respawnables.
If you want to find me:
YouTube channel - Tristanator 190 subs I think at the moment!
PSN - Tristanator102 or TristanatorStudios, one of the two...
Thank you all for the great memories. This is goodbye quite possibly. Remember though, I was an Admin and I am proud of the community we created 4 years ago. ‘You are not expendable, you are respawnable’.
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Look at the Trick or Treat Event Page. It’s already been 3 days and no one has added stuff up yet. Is this how inactive our wiki has become?!
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Signature Loadout

image image image Only class players have own signature loadout.So show us your signature loadout.This is mine.
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On iPad Air

@supafast gaming 😂😂😂😂😂
Talk about POWER!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
The 64-bit architecture really helps I guess 😂😂😂😂😂
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Server is unreachable!

When I try to open the game it says server is unreachable.Also today I see sync problem.Is it temporarily.I mean it's a server problem right?
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Your ranks,points,and your badges will be reseted.And your account will be deleted in this wiki if you don't follow the instructions.
Step 1:Forward this message to your 20 friends.
Step 2:Make sure your 20 friends will do this also to their 20 friends and your fine now.
Note:You have 2 days to do these steps. After 2 days and you didn't follow these steps your account will be deleted and you have to start all over again. Your friends that you sended will not affect them only you.
It's 10:00am here already so you have 2 days to do this so it's Sunday today and you have until Tuesday to do this. So if you fail to do this I'm sorry that your account will be deleted automatically and you have to create another account again.
After doing this please type I did it but if you lie your account will be deleted automatically on Tuesday.
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recipe in August the respawnables

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About this wishing guy here.

Apparently he couldn't stop making noise, so he is back again, wishing this, wishing that.
Can you guys do me a favor? COMPLETELY IGNORE HIM. When I say completely, do not reply to his ignorance messages, or try to talk to him or something. Don't do any actions to him too, he seems to create lotta account to piss you guys off.
Please man, don't reply to him. I know it's kinda hard to ignore him, but please bare with it.
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Any tips for triple kills?

This is one of the hardest tier I am facing.Any tip guys?

This is my name for now First time I changed my name for this hard tier, maybe hard for mine :)
If you wanna met me in same lobby then we will play at same time.
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how to find profile of pepel.

cant find a way to find profile of people w/o looking for them thru forum posts. is there a way to find pepel?
also do people read other people's profiles? or na?
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tips anyone?

well im currently still stuck at tier 4 like dafuq 80 2 kills without reloading?! but that's not what im focusing on its just time consuming not hard. im looking for tips for the last trial which i heard is pretty much cancer. so any tips from the pros? im sorry if i post lots of discussions these days it's because im about to leave the game as you know it.
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Step up your game DLE!

People are leaving this wiki because they quit the game! There's almost no purpose being on the wiki when you quit the game. I mean, there are people who are still staying after quitting the game, however the majority of people who quit the wiki had quit the game before they quit the wiki. This means something. This isn't our fault that there's quitters, it's DLE's fault. DLE is barely doing anything to keep this game from knocking on death's door. Back-to-back events won't do anything DLE. DLE needs more frequent major updates. Not back-to-back events. In fact, just don't do any events for about a month. All of us need a major break from events. Just do some major revamps and add some balance. Perhaps I'll get active on the game again.
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